San Jose property liability attorneys can help determine if you are entitled to compensation in the event you are injured on someone else’s property. If you were involved in a recent accident on public or private property, then we encourage you to reach out to our team.

Our San Jose property liability lawyers will learn more about your case and help guide you forward through the legal process. We are skilled and experienced in working with men and women who have been injured at the hands of a property owner or manager.

As property liability attorneys in San Jose CA, we work hard to build a strong case for you, which includes proving that:

  • A hazardous condition was indeed present on the property and that it caused the accident and subsequent injuries.
  • The property owner knew about the hazards, yet, did not do anything to address it.

Property owners and managers have a legal duty to maintain a safe environment for everyone present. Our San Jose property liability attorneys will hold these individuals accountable if they decide to cut corners in terms of safety and security.


Property liability lawyers in San Jose CA that you can trust

You need a skilled legal professional on your side that will advocate for you and make sure your best interests are represented. Too often, property owners and their insurance companies will work to minimize or nullify your claim. You need to fight back with experienced San Jose property liability lawyers.

Don’t be bullied — if you’ve been injured on someone’s property, we want to know about it. Simply submit some brief information via our online form and our San Jose property liability attorneys will take a look. We offer free consultations to highlight your legal options. Contact us and get the help you deserve.

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