An Indianapolis child custody lawyer is a key ally in improving your chances of obtaining the custody arrangement that you want with your kids. Family law can be overwhelming and confusing, particularly when you are in an emotional state.

An Indianapolis child custody attorney can help you work through your feelings and obtain the resolution you need to feel comfortable with your children’s living situation. The issue of child custody is simply too important not to meet with a child custody lawyer in Indianapolis IN.

Why do I need an Indianapolis child custody lawyer?

Do not believe everything that you read online; do-it-yourself family law is generally a very poor decision. If you forego the use of an Indianapolis child custody attorney, you could end up making permanent decisions that compromise your ability to even have visitation with your children.

Child custody decisions are generally resolved using one of two methods:

  • Out-of-court negotiation between parents
  • Courtroom decisions handed down by a judge

Only a small percentage of cases ever end up in a courtroom. That’s the good news! It is possible to work with a child custody attorney in Indianapolis IN to resolve your child custody issues quickly and effectively. Mediation and other lower-impact methods are available to reduce the financial and emotional strain associated with child custody decision-making.


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Whether you are pursuing sole custody, joint custody, or a visitation arrangement, an Indianapolis child custody lawyer can help you navigate the often intimidating legal process, allowing you to focus on your family instead of on the paperwork. Our team has handled hundreds of child custody cases, making us some of the foremost experts on the subject. Let us show you the benefits of working closely with a qualified attorney through your family law negotiation; contact us today!

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